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Mike, Glee


January 29th, 2011

10 Song Drabble Challenges. Invented to kill writer's block, and also to make me want to punch 2 minute songs (and the song "Fergilicious") in the face.

My latest experiment resulted in the following:

Read more...Collapse )

Some of them are terrible. Some of them are cheesy. Some of them will make you wonder why I haven't yet been committed. Some of them are very rough. But that's why they're called experiments, people.

August 26th, 2009

Holy crap, she wrote fic!

Mike, Glee

Title: Reasons
Author: Erin
Prompt: Season 8, PG-13, Metropolis' Main Street: Phonebooth
Spoilers: All spoilers, up to what we have for season 9 so far
Author’s Notes: Written for the DI 2009 Summer Ficstravaganza, for Interstellar. I was late.

“Because even back then, when I had no idea what I was feeling for you meant, you were my hope.” Collapse )

August 9th, 2009

Goodbyes That Never Were

Mike, Glee

Many moons ago, I wrote this story out of a random, random, randomy burst of inspiration. It remains my favorite original fic. I wish I could recreate the ease with which I wrote it.

She fiddled with the sides of the glass, watching the waves ripple through the amber liquid. For some reason her distorted reflection in the glass just reminded her of the ridiculous situation she was in.Collapse )

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