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Inspiring Declarations from an Uninspired Mind

An Experiment in Murderizing Writer's Block

An Experiment in Murderizing Writer's Block

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Mike, Glee
10 Song Drabble Challenges. Invented to kill writer's block, and also to make me want to punch 2 minute songs (and the song "Fergilicious") in the face.

My latest experiment resulted in the following:

Rock With You – Michael Jackson

“…after all, you did invite me. It’s only fair I get an actual dance out of it.”

Wiping his moist hands on his jacket, Clark took a deep breath and grabbed the hand presented to him. As she pulled him out to the dance floor, he couldn’t help but smile back at the utterly infectious grin she was shooting him. It was so different from the usual smiles she shot his way -- ones laced with triumph or smugness, or smirks full of sarcasm. This was a genuine, “I’m happy to be here with you” smile, and he had to say that it was by far his favorite.

“Thanks for coming tonight, Lois.”

She lifted a shoulder at him. “It’s kind of required, Smallville. I’m pretty sure it’s in the girlfriend bylaws. Besides, your other option was Lana, and no one wanted that.”

He just laughed at her antics, pulling her close with most confidence he’d felt in a long time.

The Break -- Next to Normal

She’d been to six doctors in all. Two psychiatrists, three psychologists, and one general physician. Each one had a new idea; a new drug.

If she’d been lucid enough at the time, she’d have told them three drugs ago that nothing they could do could fix who she’d become.

Sing for the Moment -- Eminem

Rachel Berry was born with a microphone in her hand and a spotlight on her face.

That had always been their assumption; given the person they knew, and the shrine her fathers had devoted to her in her basement, it was honestly the easiest thing to assume.

The truth, though? The truth was the Rachel Berry was born one of twelve unclaimed babies, screaming and unhappy in the “lost and found” section of the NICU. She was worse off than most of the others – two months premature with only partially formed lungs and a particularly nasty case of fetal alcohol syndrome that caused her to be blind until she was two weeks old.

It wasn’t until three weeks later, when two men who didn’t have anything but each other took the baby who had no one but herself and made themselves a family.

She wasn’t born the golden child, brought into the world in love and treated with care, but she came by her love honest. And if that wasn’t a reason to sing, then she didn’t know what was.

Can’t Buy Me Love -- Michael Buble

She was prettier without it.

That was the thought that presented itself as Madeline looked at her best friend’s left hand. The idiot had sprung for the three carat, princess cut ring that had a canary yellow tint that seemed to make the girl’s whole hand look jaundiced.

He meant well, she knew. But Jared was a spoiled rich kid who only knew of things that were supposed to make you happy, but never quite made it there. Jen had been born in a crappy apartment in the town’s small crack district and grew up in a room with no temperature control, unless you counted the broken window that hung over the mattress she slept on at night, and still managed to be the happiest person she had ever met.

Her friend’s beauty came in her desire for simplicity. And Jared was much too complicated to ever see that.

Beat It – Michael Jackson

She hit the ground with a thud, landing hard on her right arm. Well, she thought, being left handed does have its advantages. “Is that all you;ve got, Mannheim? I thought you were the biggest thing to hit the crime world since the Corleones.”

His laugh was dark and underlined with anger. “I’ve always admired your ability to press your luck, Lane. You know I’ve been wanting to get you alone ever since you ran that story that closed down my docks, and, joy of joys, here you are.” He moved towards her again, flexing his left hand and pulling a pistol from his waist band with his right.

“I like to walk on the wild side.” She said, standing slowly and trying not to wince too much at her ribs’ obvious protestation to the movement.

“I can see that.” His smile was less grim and more manic as he raised the gun, as if he was filled with a sick sort of glee, “I was going to keep you around for a bit longer, show you how much I admire your work, but I think you and I are done here.”

She opened her mouth for a retort, but was cut off by the sound of two loud cracks breaking the still air.

Before she could even register the sounds, however, she found her herself blocked by a large hulking mass.

Lois…” The sound came out a hiss, and she almost winced at the anger that practically radiated through the air.

The mass moved momentarily, and she heard a loud thunk and the screeching of metal before it returned in front of her, crossed arms visible in the darkness thanks to the illuminating light coming from glowing red eyes.
“Hey, honey!” Her enthusiasm was sheepish, as was her smile. “Happy anniversary!”

No More Drama – Mary J Blige

“I’m not doing this again, Scott. Get out or I’m calling the police.”

She could practically feel the anger pouring from him as he made his way over to her. “What the hell is your problem? I told you I came to talk, and I can’t even do that without you freaking the hell out? I love you, and I want to stay with you, but god knows why, when you’re such an overdramatic bitch! I’m not leaving until we talk. I haven’t laid a hand on you in over a month, so you haven’t got a damn thing to tell the police.”

She scoffed at his words, “We know half of the squad by name now, Scott. I hardly think they’d hesitate to escort you from the premises if I called them right now.”

“It’s my house, Ray! I have just as much a right to be here as you do – more, in fact – so they can’t take me from my home without probable cause.” His anger had reached a boiling point, and he punctuated his yelling by kicking the coffee table. The leg crumpled beneath it, sending a glass vase crashing to the ground and causing the decorative beads to scatter all over the floor. Rachel didn’t blink.

Her voice was calm as she spoke him, breaking the silence that had settled over them. “You are leaving Scott. I’m done, you’re done, and we’re not doing this again because I frankly don’t have the energy left to explain away anymore bruises. But you know what? I think you have the right idea.”

She slowly walked over to him, crossing in front of the arm chair and towards the dilapidated coffee table, careful not to slip on the beads. Suddenly, she kicked it roughly, bringing down another leg, and screamed, “Get out! Leave me alone! Get the hell out, and don’t you ever touch me again!” She continued her trek around the living room, knocking over their wedding photo and crashing it to the ground, before sending the lamp after it. Slowly but surely, she wrecked the room she had so meticulously put back together after his last fit, breaking both new and old items in her rampage. “GET THE HELL OUT!”

The wide-eyed, startled look on his face was welcomed. She was as clean and neat as they came, and she had no doubt he was very unsettled by her uncharacteristic display of righteous anger.

Slowly though, his eyes turned shifty, and he began to fidget, as he realized how much noise she was making. The neighbors were very used to their blow ups, and he had no doubt they wouldn’t hesitate to call the police at the first sign of screaming. He felt his anger rise up again. “Rachel, shut the hell –”

He stopped and withdrew the hand he had thrown out to grab her, taking in her position. She had grabbed the glass paperweight that had sat on the end table, and she was currently halted with it just above his head. The heavy bottom had a strong, cubical base, but the design slowly snaked up to a point. It would make a very useful weapon. “Get the hell out or I swear to god I will end you right now, and take whatever punishment I receive happily, with the knowledge that no one else will have to be made to feel insignificant by an imbecilic degenerate like you.”

The look in her eye was unlike one he’d ever seen – determination was commonplace with her, but there was a wildness there that scared the living hell out of him. He glanced around the wreckage that was their living room once again before slowly backing up. “You really are a crazy bitch.”

He made his way to the door, and was shaken to his core as he felt the glass paperweight shatter on the door above him, raining shards over his head.

“Yes,” he heard over his shoulder as he rushed to open the door and get the hell out. “Always have been. And I look forward to returning to being a crazy bitch all alone.” The laughter he heard trailing after him was muffled by the slamming of the door, as he finally made down the porch and onto the sidewalk.

Shake It – Metro Station

They’d been trying to get out for almost three hours now. If one more person offered her their “sincerest congratulations,” she swore she was going to lose it.

Clark was currently laughing politely at some joke her Uncle Jake had made. He was a steady man; a three-star general that was very stoic except when it came to the people he cared about It didn’t matter if he was her biological uncle or not, she loved the man like family.

But if he did not relinquish her husband right now, she was going to do something very violent to him.

As if he read her mind, Uncle Jake finished up his conversation, patting Clark on the back and making his way across the dance floor.

“You might want to tone down the growling, Lois. I’m pretty sure your uncle could hear you.” He came up beside her, presenting his arm for her to take, which she did, gratefully.

“I don’t care, Clark. It’s our first night as a married couple, and we’re going into the fifth hour of our reception. I don’t care if the Pope himself comes up to us next, if we’re not out of here in five minutes, I’m jumping you right here.”

He cleared his throat lightly, loosening his collar slightly with his fingers. “I don’t think that’ll be necessary. If we can just get to the hall, I’ll speed us ou—”

“Hey, guys!” Clark had never hated the bubbly face of Chloe Sullivan as much as he had at that second. “I don’t think I’ve seen you all night! So… how does it feel to be united as one?” She smiled excitedly, practically bouncing in anticipation of their answer.

It was not what she expected. “It feels like we’re about three and a half minutes away from being arrested for indecent exposure.” Lois’ glare was pointed.

Chloe looked confused for a moment, before understanding dawned and her eyes widened. “Oh! You guys want—uh, well… see you tomorrow, I guess.” She stepped out of the way, allowing for the two-person bullet train to make their beeline to the elevators.

“Don’t come before one!” Lois yelled over her shoulder to her cousin, as her new husband dragged her out the doors of the ballroom, and towards the room awaiting them.

All For You – Janet Jackson

He was ridiculous on the dance floor.

As a rule, Rachel didn’t like to lie to herself. She was very self-aware and attentive. They were traits she prided herself in possessing. For this reason, she felt it was important to acknowledge that she found Mike attractive. Of course he was, he was a severely handsome young man, and very sweet to boot. He was a catch. But she’d been much too preoccupied with Glee, Finn, and her career to ever consider him seriously.

But tonight, he was all she could look at. It was Michael Chang in his natural habitat, and she couldn’t help but envy Tina and Brittany, who danced easily with him, smiles and sweat prominent on their faces.

Well, this simply would not do. She was Rachel Berry, for goodness sakes! Now that she had identified her desire, she would simply have to go for what she wanted.

With a small smile and head held high, she made her way towards the dancefloor.

Lately – Divine

Tomorrow, it’ll be six months.

The rest of the world has moved on, as expected. The JLA has covered the void left by their leader’s unexpected departure as well as could be expected, and so, for the most part, Metropolis had gotten back to normal. News reports had finally moved onto another tragic and unexpected world event. The memorial they had set up for him in Centennial Park had been finished three weeks ago, and the group that went to the dedication as significantly smaller than those at the funeral.

It was a sad fact for them, that they had lost their hero, but they all had their individual lives to lead. They would be okay.

For her, the six months felt like six hours. The hurt is still fresh, and she still found herself getting up from her desk at random times during the day to go to the copy room and stop herself from having a panic attack.

There’s a voice in the back of her head that says that the way she’s behaving is ridiculous. She loved him, yes, more than anything, but she’s Lois Lane. Her life could not have been so completely consumed by a man, no matter how amazing. Her life can’t be ruined.

The rest of her, however, is so thoroughly convinced that this is the case, that no part of her can argue that things are now completely, fundamentally, wrong.

Hero – Enrique Iglesias

Billy Marx was a simple little boy. He loved running, and bugs, and playing with his action figures in his sister’s Barbie Dream House.
But more than anything, he liked playing Jobs. It was a game that he and his sister played while his mommy was busy with something else.

He was always, always daddy. Because daddy was the man who made everything better. He ran in houses when they were literally on fire (like, real, hot, scary fire!), and he brought people out. It was only fair that he got to be daddy. He was a boy, and one day he would be a man and the hero just like daddy.

His mommy doesn’t like them playing jobs, though. She's okay when her sisters are doctors, or the rare times when he wants to be a garbage man. But a fireman just makes her sad.

To be honest, it makes him a little sad, too. He’s daddy, after all. So he has to die at the end of the game.

He really doesn’t like that part.


Some of them are terrible. Some of them are cheesy. Some of them will make you wonder why I haven't yet been committed. Some of them are very rough. But that's why they're called experiments, people.
  • Hmm, I like your Rachel/Mike drabble! I've never thought about them as a ship, but now I'm thinking it... :)
    • Hee, your icon reminds me just how much I need glee icons. *sigh*

      Yeah, I've been a Mike/Rachel shipper for a very long time, but only in my head. I really hope we get some more on-screen interaction so more people will jump on the (very small) bandwagon.

      (Mostly, I just want more people to write fic that I can read... ;))
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